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The cause of our actions in the Meno [77a-78] and in Gorgias [466a-481c] of Plato

By Erick Kente Human action has always a reason, because it is done out of knowledge and free will and this differentiates it from act of man. In our daily normal life we make choices of what to do or what … Seguir leyendo

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VIDEO: Anselm Mueller, “Is Practical Truth a Chimera? Questions for Anscombe”

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Anselm Mueller, Trier University gave this keynote “Is Practical Truth a Chimera? Questions for Anscombe”at the workshop Practical Truth: Reflections on the Aristotelian Tradition, April 21-22, 2017. In a number of papers, Anscombe raises…

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Philosophical progress: Why not consensus

Nicholas Rescher, 2014. Philosophical Progress: And Other Philosophical Studies. Ontos, Berlín: 12-13. There is a good reason why the “big questions” of philosophy are in the final analysis consensus precluding. It roots in the observation, already made by Aristotle, the father of … Seguir leyendo

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