Interview to Brian Leftow at the University of Navarra

Abstract: In this interview Prof. Brian Leftow answers questions concerning the causes of the emergence of Analytic Philosophical Theology within the analytic tradition; the advantages of maintaining the traditional picture of perfect being theology with regards to divine attributes; his conception about the origin of necessary truths; the problem of evil; and the importance for universities of investing in research on philosophical theology.

Journal: Anuario Filosófico, 49/3 (2016): 663-679.

For a copy you can go to: Anuario Filosófico. [Sample]

This interview was part of the Cluster Group in Analytic Theology at the University of Navarra «Philosophical and Theological Perspectives on Divine Providence».

Acerca de Martin Montoya

I am Professor of "Ethics", "Philosophical Anthropology", and "History of Contemporary Philosophy" at the University of Navarra, researching on practical philosophy.
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