Interview to Brian Leftow at the University of Navarra

Abstract: In this interview Prof. Brian Leftow answers questions concerning the causes of the emergence of Analytic Philosophical Theology within the analytic tradition; the advantages of maintaining the traditional picture of perfect being theology with regards to divine attributes; his conception about the origin of necessary truths; the problem of evil; and the importance for universities of investing in research on philosophical theology.

Journal: Anuario Filosófico, 49/3 (2016): 663-679.

For a copy you can go to: Anuario Filosófico. [Sample]

This interview was part of the Cluster Group in Analytic Theology at the University of Navarra “Philosophical and Theological Perspectives on Divine Providence”.

Acerca de Martin Montoya

I am Professor of "Ethics", "Analysis of Philosophical Texts", "History of Contemporary Philosophy", and "Person, Society, and Capitalism" at the University of Navarra. Researching on theories of action of Maurice Blondel and Thomas Aquinas, the debate about the metaphysics of free will, moral & religious beliefs, and epistemology.
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