Paper: Love, Identification and Equality: Rational Problems in Harry Frankfurt’s Concept of Person

Abstract: Harry Frankfurt has published On Inequality, but this is not the first time he has written about this subject. Frankfurt already criticized a rationalistic notion of equality on other occasions (Frankfurt, 1987 & 1997). In these works he says a rationalistic notion of equality cannot fit in with our belief that agents possess their own volitional necessities, which shape volitional structures of the human will. However, Frankfurt’s explanatory connection between volitions, love and identification make it difficult to talk about personal freedom.

This paper was read at 13th International Conference on Persons. BOSTON UNIVERSITY, BOSTON, MA, USA, AUGUST 3-7, 2015.

Journal: Appraisal. Spring 2016, 11: 56-60.

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I am Professor of "Ethics", "Philosophical Anthropology", and "History of Contemporary Philosophy" at the University of Navarra, researching on practical philosophy.
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